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If you liked our long running Buy & Sell message board, you're going to love our Classified Ads. Cars, boats, tables, chairs, coming events... you name it. The eagleClassifieds is a great spot to find a bargain or clear out that surplus merchandise. Give it a try!

Internet Safety

Canadian Centre fro Child Protection

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection is dedicated to the safety of all children. Their goal is to reduce child victimization by providing programs and services to Canadians. They do this through public awareness activities, personal safety education programs and the national tip line to report online sexual abuse of children ( 

Protecting our children is Canada's national tip line for reporting the online sexual exploitation of children. If you have information regarding incidents of child pornography, luring, child sex-tourism or child prostitution you can report it anonymously at

Web AwareParents Needed

The Internet is a great place for children to learn about the world around them but there are risks. The involvement of parents in making it a safe environment is essential. webAWARE provides the tools you need to help keep your kids safe online.

Media SmartsMedia and youth

MediaSmarts is a Canadian not-for-profit charitable organization for digital and media literacy. Their vision is that children and youth have the critical thinking skills to engage with media as active and informed digital citizens.

Canadian Anti Spam Legislation - Stop Spam HereYou can help stop spam

Canada's anti-spam legislation is coming into effect. You can find out more about protecting yourself. If you are a business, there is also information to help you with your email marketing campaigns. Details

Grow Our Farms

What do you know about farming?

Did you know that one of every seven jobs in Ontario depends on agriculture? Or that more than 50% of all farmland in Canada is in Ontario and that most farms are family-owned?

If you want to learn more about farming, visit


Now available at
The Mill Restaurant & Pub

Cooler By The Lake Anniversary AleMay 1st marked 20 years since we opened our original office at what was then 1011 William Street in Cobourg (it is now 1011 Elgin Street West).

It has been a wild and exciting ride at times. Telecom technology (and technology in general) has changed dramatically. What we can do online today vs. 1995 still astounds us and we long ago quit predicting what the next great thing will be.

To celebrate we got together with the guys at Northumberland Hills Brewery to create Cooler By The Lake Anniversary Ale.

Cold-aged CBTL is a light-golden coloured ale with a hint of citrus and a clean after taste.

Why Cooler By The Lake? Well, if you live along the lakeshore in Northumberland County you've undoubtedly heard summer weather reports that always note that temperatures will be "cooler by the lake". We also have a client who used to write a column called "Cooler by the Lake" for a local newspaper. And mostly, it just sounded like a name that fit.

CBTL will be available this spring and summer at Northumberland Hills Brewery on a limited rotating basis and is now available at The Mill Restaurant & Pub on tap. Our first batch has almost sold out and we are brewing again on May 15th. The fridge should be replenished on May 29th.

The brewery is located at 1024 Division Street on the northeast corner of Division and Veronica/Patterson streets in Cobourg. NHB is open Wednesday through Saturday from 12:00 noon to 6:00 p.m.

2015 Sweet Water Country Music Series

James Ryce performs at Victoria Hall on May is proud to once again present the Sweet Water Country Music Series. The folks at the Concert Hall at Victoria Hall have another great lineup for 2015.

The series kicked off on March 29 with Dallas Daisy and Cheryl Casselman.

Other concerts include:
May 24 - James Ryce
September 13 - The Sweet Water Band
October 18 - Johnny Burke & Harold MacIntyre

Talk & Save from just $25/month
Ontario-wide local calling

Talk & Save phone service now availableIt has been more than 40 years since Northumberland County residents have been able to purchase their local telephone service from a locally owned and operated company*.

The area once again has a local telephone service provider...! Our new digital Talk & Save service provides local phone numbers and you can bring your existing number to too.

Our local calling area is all of Ontario (that's right... the whole province is just a local call away) and we give you more than a dozen calling features in our basic service. Details

* Since 1899, more than 28 locally owned and operated companies have delivered telephone service in Northumberland. The last of these, Alnwick Rural and Fenella Rural were sold to Bell Canada in 1970.

Community Events

Do you have a community event planned? Let us know about it by emailing and we'll post it on our Community Events Calendar!

Cell phones and tablets aren't toys

Just like your MP3 player or notebook computer, your wireless phone or tablet is a complicated electronic device. Moisture, excessive vibration and impact from even short drops can permanently damage your phone and void the warranty.

DO NOT operate your phone in the rain, fog or other damp environment.
leave your phone outside overnight.
DO NOT uuse your phone near the pool, hot tub or lake.
use or place your phone anywhere that moisture of any kind (fog, rain, steam) may come in contact with it.
DO NOT place your phone where any weight will be placed on top of it.
Buy a PROTECTIVE COVER to help protect your new phone.

Damages from moisture and impact are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty and many water damaged phones or those with damaged screens cannot be repaired economically. Replacement costs can be many hundreds of dollars.

You can protect your phone and your investment with TELUS Device Care. For as little as $6/month you can extend the manufacturer's warranty and include physical or liquid damage replacement for only a $49 service charge.

SPAM and virus filtering for eMail

All eagleMembers receive free junk mail filtering. With spam now over 96% of all email traffic, this free service saves you time and money.

Our Barracuda Spam Firewall also filters your email for viruses. Many new virus attacks are transmitted using email. This is a great way to enhance the virus protection you already have on your computer.

Canada's Anti Spam Legislation comes into effect on July 1st, 2014. Learn more about CASL and how it impacts your business email marketing.


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