Well, we're back. That's right, and update. It's been over a year, and Nick has risen from his lazy ass to set loose a fury of sweet lovin' to his peoples. Jah! Well anywaysily, basically here's the lowdown. We did some recording at the end of the summer at our school (PHHS). That's right, Port Hope does have some good stuff. So I (Nick) have decided to put some of the stuff on the page like I said I would a year ago. The quality isn't that great cause it's going from a tape to a computer, but it should suffice. So go HERE to listen to some of our tunes.


July 2-something, 2000

Yup, that's us. Pat, Jamie, Frank, and Nick. So, the scoop for now is that, myself, and a select few are running a show this summer featuring, The Degenerates, The Bong Squad, and two bands all the way from Windsor, Contradict and The Posers. The show is currently planned for August 10 or 11. I'll update you all when I find out where it will be held. But it's gonna be a kickass show. And I've been told that Degenerates have a new CD out as well as the Posers. So this show will be the place to pick up some good tunes. I'll keep you updated as things progress. (Don't worry, I WILL UPDATE THE PAGE, I promise. So, now that that's all said, the Bong Squad page is going through a massive overhaul so if things seem a little out of place, don't worry. Anyways, go check out the MP3s. Now. And don't forget to sign the guest book and send us your comments.
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May 12th, 1999

The show at PHHS has been cancelled for weird reasons that I'm too lazy to explain right now cause I'm tired...soo tired...

April 20th, 1999

Wellep, there's another show coming up at PHHS and your third favourite band is gonna be there. (no it's not Savage Garden!) It's all due to the success of the last thing at PHHS. We'll keep you posted as things go. How do you like the new Skohm face? Yeah, one of these days we'll make a tape, I SWEAR! -Skohm

April 11th, 1999

Okay , so yeah, I know I know, I never update the page at all but that 's because I'm lazy. Well as some of you may have known, last friday was the Battle Of The Bands at PHHS. It was kind of a fundraiser for the 30 hour famine too. It was a mint show and if you missed it, you're kife, but you can make up for it by going to some other shows. It just goes to show how much talent there is in the PHD aread. Congrats to Balls Out for laying the BIGGEST SOOVY OF ALL TIME. (you've probably already heard about the rice incident by now) Too bad they'll probably never be allowed within 200 feet of PHHS again. Thanks to everyone who came out! Even if you're from Cobourg.

February 11th, 1999

Okay well here's the dilly. You're all probably wondering why the page has said under construction for the past 20 years(sarcasm) Well the main reason is because Nick is just too damn lazy, and since Nick is the only on who can do the page, nothing has been done. The second reason being that Ohm has gone through a million changes since the last time the page was up. The thing is, we got good after some signifigent events took place. We didn't wanna put the put the page up until everything was settled and we actually sit down and do some recording. We're wating before we do some recording because what good is a music related page without music? We didn't wanna put on old Ohm stuff cause we're completely different now. Ya catch my drift? Anyways, from now on, the Ohm page is just gonna be a place where we'll post news and upcoming shows and stuff. Oh yeah, and gay porn. But as soon as we've made some recordings, this will be the place to hear them. And when we do all the recording I'll be sure to do up a really good page with bios and stats. (?)
So yeah, so when you wanna know if there's an Ohm show coming up and where it is, come here and it'll be posted with the date and time and stuff.
Anywaysily, I'll talk to y'all later, until then I'm off to look at some pictures of Naked chicks with horses.



May 14th at PHHS, with Skratch Three and Henry's Volunteer

-There might be a little sumpin' sumpin' coming up at Cobourg East on June 4th. We'll be sure to keep you posted.

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