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Fair Use Policy

Our residential eCable Internet service is virtually unlimited for almost all users. There is a small subset of users, however, who consume many times more data than the typical user.

In the event of disproportionately high usage of eagle.ca's network resources by a user, eagle.ca may levy monthly usage surcharges outlined in the table below.

Why are we implementing this Fair Use Policy? eagle.ca and our delivery partners have one of the most stable and consistent cable Internet services available. Once your connection joins our network, you will rarely see a degradation in speed, even during peak use periods. Maintaining such a robust service comes at a cost and we must continually augment our connections to the cable company along with our Internet capacity. If we didn't continually expand our capacity, service would become degraded.

Unfortunately, extreme consumption places an inordinate burden on the network, necessitating upgrades that benefit only a handful of users. As such, we implemented our Fair Use Policy to ensure those that put the greatest burden on the network, pay a fair surcharge for the privilege.


1 Terabyte Warning Issued Monthly Surcharge
1.25 Terabyte Warning Issued Monthly Surcharge
1.5 Terabyte Warning Issued Monthly Surcharge
1.75 Terabyte Warning Issued Monthly Surcharge
2 Terabyte  $              15.76 Monthly Surcharge
2.25 Terabyte  $              19.70 Monthly Surcharge
2.5 Terabyte  $              23.64 Monthly Surcharge
2.75 Terabyte  $              27.58 Monthly Surcharge
3 Terabyte  $              31.52 Monthly Surcharge
3.25 Terabyte  $              35.46 Monthly Surcharge
3.25+ Terabyte  TBD Monthly Surcharge
effective July 1st, 2020    
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Updated August 06, 2019